Voice Over Talent at Anime NYC 2018: Part 2

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Here is part two of Anime NYC 2018 Voice Over Talent Line Up. Crunchyroll seems to be pulling out all the stops to create a memorable experience, So here a taste of what they have to offer.

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Anime NYC 2018: Morning Musume。’18!

Morning Musume is one of Japan’s biggest idol groups and they still are! Producer Tsunku started the group in 1997 and they are still making music and are as popular as they were when they first debut with more members.

Morning Musume has broken so many records on the Oricon charts. They continue to top their past successes and I’m looking forward to seeing Morning Musume, 18 in concert this weekend.

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Remembering Stan Lee

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Image from ABC

One of the most important iconic people of our time passed away Monday. Stanley Martin Lieber otherwise, known as Stan Lee. He is known by all comic book lovers as the father of Marvel Studios. A life filled with more than enough fame and hero worship by all those fans that followed the legendary writer and artist; December 28, 1922 – November 12, 2018. This man is known throughout the comic world, even more throughout the planet itself as a man of equality, diversity, and love of all. Stan Lee was a comic book writer, publisher, chairman, director, and editor. He leads a small publishing company and helped turn it into a large multimedia company, the same company we all know today as the infamous Marvel Studios. It is sad to see him go but he will never be forgotten with all the work he has achieved over the many years.

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Anime NYC 2018: Japanese Singer nano!

nano is a Japanese American singer born in New York City. nano sings in both the Japanese and English language and started her music career as a cover artist posting recorded renditions online. Her covers consisted of songs from Vocaloid artist, anime and Avril Lavigne, she also sung English covers for many Japanese songs.

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Anime NYC 2018: Japanese Illustrator Range Murata


This weekend is Anime NYC 2018, the second year of Anime NYC and it’s going to be jammed packed with so many amazing guests. Many of the guests are from Japan and that’s what I really like about AnimeNYC, no other convention has a guest list full of the very people who worked on the original projects for the shows we love. Continue reading

Voice Over Talent at Anime NYC 2018: Part 1

Anime NYC LogoCrunchyroll has used their industry connections to the fullest.  Anime NYC is only in its second year and its list of guests is stacked.  As a person who is fascinated with sound, this is something that has caught my interest.  There an even a point in my life where I wanted to pursue voice over as a career. These folks have my utmost love and respect.

This list was pretty long so I divided it into two.  Welcome to part one.

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Soulcial Sunday: Next Stop Anime NYC!

We’re excited to be doing press coverage for Anime NYC next month. We did go to AnimeNYC last year when they launched at Jacob Javits Center. We do have an overview of Anime NYC with our pros and cons, hopefully, they fixed the issues of last year this year because it was a pain to go through. This year we have so many new guests coming out to Anime NYC we don’t even know who to check out first. Our main plan is to make sure we can see all the main events, panels and of course my personal fave Cosplayers.

The schedule for Anime NYC is already live and it’s jam-packed with goodies. There is so much to do that you’ll definitely need to go over the schedule before attending just to know where you want to go. There will also be Cosplay Meet-Ups and The Official After Party. Be sure to make sure you check and see if you have to pay for events, most ticketed events can be purchased online and the After Party is the only one where you can pay cash at the door.

Anime NYC is going to be held the weekend of November 16th – 18th at The Jacob Javits Center. If you’re interested in going to purchase your tickets here. The ticketed main events can also be purchased on the same page.

Another playlist is up! Week 14 is a solid mix-up of a lot of genres and music we are feeling this week. We go from booty poppin’ music to deep in our feelings. Enjoy this weeks playlist.

Week 14 Spotify Playlist