Big Bang’s Bae Bae & Loser


My first though was, this have an alive era feel. Not quite Fantastic baby but as far as I’m concerned that’s a good thing. I dislike fantastic baby with a passion.

It was quirky and eerily colorful as expected of GD.. I mean Big bang.  The song had a laid back type of vibe which I like.

Production was one point and highlighted well.

My personal feelings are up in the air still at this point.


Loser I liked. It has a tonight era feel. Which, is surprising because I wasn’t a fan of the tonight era music.

Had Daesung and Seungri actually been present in the song.  I think it would have turned out even better.  Like GD, T.O.P and Young Bae but it’s not the same without all five components.

What were your thoughts on there long awaited come back?



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