Music Spotlight: BoA Returns

2015 has been full of surprises for me. From working with Eastside Crackhead to the Digimon season one relaunch to Big Bangs come back. And a ton of other things I will no bore you with. And now Boa’s return.

I saw a instagram posts of her in the studio a while back. I could feel her motions, I knew she would be coming back soon. And it was finally confirmed!  I hope she brings some heat because she’s set the bar pretty high in the past. And honestly the market needs a shake especially on the female end.

I’ve been rocking with Boa since 2003 back when I was we lass. Back when she was blazing the Japanese charts as well. Way before I could tell the difference between languages. I though she was Japanese until 2007. Due to the fact she was singing Anime themes but I digress.

Who are you? Drops on the 6th. This should be interested.


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