Naruto Age of Anarchy Fan Fiction


 Naruto: Age of Anarchy by Komalash was released on Deviant art August 23,2010.  Book two was released on June 4 of the follow year.

Another impeding war is on the horizon; according Naruto the current Hokage. But this Doujinshi also focuses on the character relationship.

Naruto and Hinata are married with their first child. The positive influence you would expect on Naruto is also made visible. They say a King needs to Queen to reach their full potential.

Sasuke has personally, terrorized the majority of he cast. And the scars he left are visible.

Sakura falls victim to her normal damsel in distress ploy but come out being the Kunoichi she should have been in canon. Stronger and smarter. But far more damaged but with good reason.

Team Gai was in shambles too. With Neji and Tenten both approaching deaths door.

One of my favorite things about this was the art work. It was darker than Kishi’s work. Each character having a more distinguished look.  Which was almost symbolic of what they went though in the scheme of things.

So, check it out and let me know what you think

Book One

Book Two


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