Recommendations: Kim Possible


Kim Possible. Opening Points?

The villains were… different. The character dynamic was interested.  The names were priceless. On a side note, I’m not sure whether it was clever or just lazy. Other then that, story was pretty well written. Reflecting on it now, I appreciate it so much more.

She was a cheerleader with and extremely goofy best friend. Kim and Ron were like the sun and the moon. Aside form juggling the day to day. Teenage problems and all that jazz. She fought crime on a daily basis.

Kim Possible in my opinion is iconic. She was more then just a teenage girl.  She was more then a cheerleader. The series showed how her cheer leading abilities doubled over into crime fighting. And even beyond that, her intelligent was painted well.  And even with all the ego stroking she received she was a genuinely nice person.

So what are your feelings regarding KP?

– Lizzo


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