Tech Talk: Samsung Gear 2

I am a Techie at heart I have the need to upgrade my gadgets as often as they come out and every few months I do just that. I was never into smart watches but this new Gear S2 has caught my eye it comes in 2 different styles. Silicone wristband (shown left) and Leather wristband (shown right). The wristbands are interchangeable so there is no worries about not being able to switch up your style. I love the simplicity of an actual watch. I never really liked the square and rectangle face of smartwatches but one that looks like a watch will always be timeless. I know some other companies have smartwatches like this but they don’t have widgets and other fascinating features like Gear S2.

I have read some comments about the prices are over $350. I want to say that Samsung may stick with that price or shoot higher but I would like the watch to be around the $250 to free price range so fingers crossed.

Samsung Gear S2 Website

Android Authority Hands On Review


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