Red Garden (Anime)


Original run:  Oct. 2006 – March 2007

Studio: Gonzo

Red Garden was about four students who attend a private school on Roosevelt Island. My first impression of this anime of utter confusion. No seriously, no exaggeration. I was compelled to watch simple for answers. I had to understand what was going on.  And when, matters were explained. Everything made sense and I was instantly hooked for a another reason all together.

My favorite character was Claire.  She was the closes to me personality wise. Aside from the fact that she was just cool looking.  She was level headed and took to the situation a lot more smoothly then the other girls.

Put in a similar situation, I would hope I that could deal with matters with a similar grace.

So, have you seen Red Garden? If so, what did you think?  For those of you who haven’t, do you plan to check it out.  Let me know.

Also, I highly recommend watching the Dead Girls Ova. Hilarious. A different vibe all together from the anime.  Such a nice contrast


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