Sunday Funday

First we want to send our wishes to everyone celebrating the Winter Holidays this season.

We have officially moved all of our work from our previous blog to this new one. 2016 looks like a fresh start with upcoming projects we will announce later into the new year and also continue to bring out more of our content that people like.

Thank you to everyone who has been very supportive along this ride we really appreciate each and every one of you also thanks to everyone that participated in our survey, your feedback is helping us improve ourselves.

If you haven’t already please take our survey and give us some feedback about the website.


Also wanted to add that #Blackout is happening on December 21 on all social media outlets and we will be retweeting and reposting many of the participants of blackout and we also may participate ourselves so keep a look out we’re posting as many as we can in one day.

If you want more info on Blackout click these links below.

Blackout Day Masterpost

Blackout dates for 2016


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