Forever Young – Jun. K

My relationship with South Korean boy band 2PM has been quite an interesting one. I’ve been a fan since when Jaebum Park (Jay Park) was still their fearless leader.

Even then, we had a love hate relationship.

One minute, I could really be feeling a song but be totally against the visual concept. Other times, I’d be feeling the visual concept but the song just isn’t hitting for me.  On even rarer occasions, neither concept or song.

Heartbeat was horrible. This is not up for debate.

I came to the conclusion then, that 2PM was a JYP experiment. Everything from there sound to their image was a test run. But somehow they produced positive results.

They were JYP The Asian Soul Mini clones. He managed creator an success story with Rain. I guess he hoped he could do it again.  And honestly, he had.

Through it all, I always took a liking to Junsu (Jun. K) and his smooth vocals. I’m kinda feeling Think About You. So I walked into Forever Young feeling a little bias.

The video starts; the instrumentation is smooth. So, I overlook the fact that Jun K. is rocking two rope chains but to be fairly honest It really caught me off guard.

In comes the retro 80’s Hip Hop attire. Very Run DMC centric. Jun K was born in the 80’s just like me. I saw the homage being paid in front of me.  As a hip hop baby, I can appreciate that. All was good until the rapping came in and all hell broke loose.

I saw it coming but I wasn’t expecting it to be this intense. It completely threw me off.  After that point, everything else was kinda tainted for me.

I cringed at a lot of it.

I’m not going to go into full detail and knit pick at it.  But what I will say, they went overboard with what they were trying to do. I also feel that this style of rapping took away from the song rather than enhancing it as it was intended to do.

Seems like he was aiming for a modern turn up party vibe. With old school flavored instrumentation set to a Korean narrative.  That’s pretty damn artistic if you ask me.

I revisited the music video the following day.  And it went over a lot smoother then the first two times. It didn’t sound quite as awkward but still not really my cup of tea. But maybe it will grow on me.

So what did you think?


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