LCAC 2016: The Asterplace Performance

The Asterplace performed at the Liberty City Anime Con 2016.


The Asterplace is a Anime Rock band from Tokyo based in New York City. They are known for covering popular anime theme songs such as, Asian Kung Fu Generation’s Haruka Kanata the opening theme song from Naruto.

The Asterplace has performed at many different events such as Anime Next (Con in New Jersey) and Sakura Matsuri (Festival in New York). The band consist of; Leader singer/ guitarist Kota Tsukimoto  who brings the energy to the stage, Yusuke Seki at the piano and Cohei Hattori playing lead guitar. Kenji Terai on the bass and finally Shusuke Inava playing the drums.

IMG_4134 (2)

At this performance they wore Attack on Titan cosplay. They rolled out Gangnam Style by Psy. The band also played their song “California”. And one of my favorite parts was when they performed Hey! HO! Let’s go! by The Ramones. And for bonus points, the opening theme to One Punch Man.

IMG_4861 - Copy

The band had the crowd dancing and in a uproar. Their were two people getting down with glow sticks. The lead singer Kota even dragged one of the dancers with the glow sticks on stage.


This concert was fun. They will be appearing next year at the Liberty  City Anime Convention and it is a performance you don’t want to miss.



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