SDE Spotlight: Tech Talk Samsung Gear Fit 2


The gear fit 2 came out in 2015 and a few weeks ago if you preordered the Note 7 like I did you had the choice between a 256gb memory card or the gear fit 2 as a free gift. I chose the gear because I never had a smart watch I thought about the memory card and since the base model of the Note 7 comes with 64gb and I already have music and photos on the 64gb memory card 128gb was good enough for me.

So far I’ve had this for a month I wanted to use it for a while in daily life before coming out with this tech talk. After having it this long I came to the conclusion that I should of chose the 256gb when I had the chance.

I really do enjoy having a smart watch it’s something I didn’t think I would use everyday until I had it. This watch has minimal features it literally has about 14 features that I have used over the last month of having this watch.

  • Time (Obviously!)
  • Calorie Counter
  • Steps Counter
  • exercise tracker
  • Floors Counter
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Water Intake
  • Caffeine Intake
  • Together App (Work out w/Friends)
  • Find My Phone
  • Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • Music Player
  • Notifications

I enjoyed this watch while it was still fresh out of the box now that I have worn it almost everyday the strap seems to have loosen up and with the flick of my wrist or the slightest touch to the wristband it pops off my arm. Now the first time it happened I almost lost it, my wrist hit something and my watch fell clean off and hit the ground luckily someone told me and I picked it up right away. I picked up the habit of checking for the watch often because you really will not feel it dangling off your arm sometimes.

 If I lost this watch I wouldn’t even be mad it was free and the default wristband isn’t secure enough for it to live up to being a fitness tracker. With that being said I don’t want to lose the watch so I did just order a few wristbands from a 3rd Party sellers that looks good enough to keep the watch on my arm.

Enough of that big negative on to what I love about the watch. I love that I can leave my home without my phone for a quick walk around the block. Load a playlist onto the gear and with my Bluetooth headphones set out into the day. The sync between the gear fit 2 and non-Samsung Android phones was seamless I had had my LG Stylo 2 when I got the watch and all I needed to do was download the s health app to keep track of my progress. It is a very convenient watch to have if your into fitness like myself I like to know what I did throughout the day.

I used all of them but the together app I havent come across someone that will compete with me yet so I’m waiting for the day that app becomes useful. Overall I will say that as a tech person I love my watch I need this unnecessary device in my life to help keep me on top of things I will give Samsung the thumbs up for this device the strap is trash but the watch does what it is suppose to.




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