30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 – Favorite anime you’ve watched so far?


Lucky Star

Tsukasa, Konata, Kagami and Miyuki

My favorite anime so far is Lucky Star I love everything about this anime from when I read the manga back in  2005 I was excited to find the anime in 2010. I watched the English dubbed version first then went to the original Japanese version. I can say Konata is funnier in English because it is the only language I know but i re-watch the Japanese version a lot more.

If I didn’t make it clear before i will now Konata and Akira from the Lucky Channel segments are the best characters in this series. Akira is so crazy it’s scary but hilarious and Konata is one of the many characters that I feel I relate to. Konata is so laid back, honest and goofy,  I really felt like this is me. Kagami is my favorite too she’s just so realistic and is the only one in the group that has common sense and that seems to be Lizzo in our group and Alice is Miyuki all the way!

I probably love the anime so much because it reminds me of the times i’ve had with my best friends. When I get more friends into anime I will end up trying to compare them to the characters in this show.


This photo is from my room I have this huge wall scroll of lucky star and I see it everyday I wake up. I also own a few DVDs from the series, The box set is harder for me to find at cons I would like to buy it cheaper than online so I guess I’ll just collect the rest of the volumes now when I catch them.



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