#30DayAnimeChallenge: Day 2

Day 2: What is your favorite anime you’ve watched so far?

My favorite anime I’ve watched so far is “B-Project Kodou Ambitious”. It is a reverse harem which is my favorite genre of anime. The creator of this anime also did another anime that is similar called “Uta no Prince Sama” were u can see some similar features between some of the characters. After seeing “Uta no Prince Sama”, I had to watch this anime. This show leaves you  full of excitement wondering what will happen next or, wondering who Tsubasa likes the most? This show is a must see for any reverse harem fan.

The story is about a girl named Tsubasa who became the new A&R for a company called, “Gandala Music”. Tsubasa is put in charge of “B-Project” which is an infusion of three different boy bands. KitaKore, Thrive, and MooNs. Tsubasa started off working in a music store and was later hired by Gandala for her gift of hearing sounds. Tsubasa was hired to take on the task of making them the biggest group in Japan history with the use of her unique abilities.



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