Day 4: Favorite Female Character Ever

Day 4: Favorite Female Character ever?

This was another hard one. I’ve been thinking about this for a few days and I still struggling in making a decision. And every time I decided on someone. Another options pops up.  I’ve been sitting at my computer for like 15 minutes now and I’m still not sure. But fuck it, at this particular moment. I’m going with Nana Osaki.

Nana was cool as fuck. Smooth, mysterious and lead singer of kick ass rock band. You put a wall in her way. She’ll kick that shit down. Literally a rose from the concrete in the inner city. There no wonder Hachi clung too her. Why Nobu would literally follow her anyway? The passion and confidence she displayed was hypnotizing. She made you want to push with her.

But under her rough exterior, big sis was really broken. The level of dependency she had in relation to her circle was kinda scary. She was abandoned as a child, so I can understand that much. That was something she and Ren has in common.  I think that was why there relationship was so magnetic. They particularly mirrored each other. Ren nursed his with drugs and Nana didn’t. The toll it took on her soul surfaced thru panic attacks. Hachi marrying Takumi was enough to push her over edge.

And even through all her inner turmoil and transparency.  She still has time to make jokes and be cynical.

Yes she is the big homie.

So what are your thoughts on Nana Osaki?

Deuces, See you on Day 5.







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