#30DayAnimeChallenge: Day 6

DAY 6: An Anime you want to see but have not seen yet?

A anime series I want to see that I have yet to see is Bungaku Shoujo Memoir . I remember my friend giving me the book to read and, it was a deep intense story. I thought that it would have been boring at frist but, I really got into the story. The story is about Konoha who meets Tohko a girl who likes to eat stories, she literally eats the pages of books she likes.I found that kind of wierd but the Manga was really good. I have been putting this show off for a while and I really want to see it espically if it relates like anythibg to the manga. The Manga was very intense and I would like to see the same intensity as well in the anime.

I recommend reading the manga. It is a good read. Thier are different seasons to this anime/manga and I would like to read and see them all.


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