Day 6: Ani. You Want To See But Haven’t

Day 6: Anime You Want to See But Haven’t Yet?

That’s easy. Dragonball Super. Dragonball  opened the flood gates. The anime that started it all. Much respect to  Akira Toriyama. The god father to my passion.

All jokes aside. I was mad excited when I heard about Super.  Even though the Blue Super Sayian hair will take some time to adjust too. But if Battle of the Gods and Resurrection F are indictors. It will definitely be a fun right. Whiz and Beerus though.  Beerus dead, blocked Goku and Vegeta using just a finger. That’s madness. LOL

I’m planning to wait until it gets a bit further along before I jump into it.

But have you seen Super, Battle of the Gods or Resurgence F?  Between Frieza is a bitch. Let me know your thoughts below.




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