#30DayAnimeChallenge: Day 11

Day 11: Favorite Mech Anime

My all time favorite Mech Anime is Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. This was not a hard choice for me. I was in love with Duo and Heero. I loved thier gundam suits as well. Heero had the wing Gundam and Duo had the Death Sycthe. I could watch this anime a hundred times and never get bored. My favorite seen was the frist episode when Relena had asked Heero to go to her party because she tought she was cool and he shut her down. I WAS SO HYPE. He ripped the invitation in her face. As many times she would stalk him he would shoot her down sometimes literally. Duo was so cool and relaxed. Duo always played the peacemaker. He was so cute.

In year of the Colony mankind had developed many space colonies in each of the Earth’s Moons.The nation created the United Earth Sphere Alliance that controls the colonies.Heero Yuy began a revolt on the United Earth Sphere Alliance and he was killed. The organization OZ ( Organization of the Zodiac) was in charge of creating the Tall geese mobile suit. The United Earth Sphere Alliance scientist chose five teenage boys to begin Operation Meteor which was to destroy OZ. The teenagers chosen were trained assassin’s to operate the five mobile suits which were Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, Quarter Rabera, and Chang Wufei.

This anime is very action packed and a must see if you seen any other gundam anime. Thier are many different Gundam series but, this one will always be my favorite.


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