Day 13: Character You’re Most Similar To


Day 13: Anime character who you are most similar to?

Haruhi Fujioka.  My Senpai in life. The Big Homie.  Alice might try and disagree but that’s what I see when I look at Haruhi- Me!

Aside from the fact where share the same Zodiac sign. Aquarius. I unknowing found  myself in a similar situation in my teenage years.  I was literally hit on a few times and didn’t realize until years later. I had a few people point it out and I brushed it off.  Nah, this person doesn’t like me.  One guy even tried more then once. You know how awkward that was after I saw him after the revelation. Nor did I bring it up to apologize. Put in that situation, what was I going to say? Hey, I’m sorry for not realizing you were asking me out when we were younger. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings but had I realized what you were really saying I still would have said no but more nicely this time around. And that makes it better-how? So I just let it be.  We all make mistakes right? Just know kiddies….

Fujioka Syndrome is a real thing.


But were also similar in other ways.  In our honest and sometimes curt responses.  And also how we are not about the bullshit.  Being tomboyish amongst other things. Haruhi is described as being independent and asocial. I’m definitely independent. When I goggled asocial, I realized I was that too.  Been calling myself antisocial which is inaccurate. And also like Haruhi, people are drawn too me. My step mother used to call me the free pizza girl.  I didn’t get it when I was young but what she meant was.  Given the opportunity, I am easily likeable.

So which anime character are you most like?





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