30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 14

Day 14 – Anime that never gets old to rewatch.

The Gokusen

Image result for gokusen anime wallpaper

I’ve seen Gokusen well over 20 times by now, it’s one of my favorite anime to rewatch because I continue to see things I missed when I watched it previously.

This storyline follows a woman named Kumiko “Yankumi” Yamaguchi, set to inherit the yakuza family business but she dreams of being a school teacher. As she lives this double life of being a school teacher and not wanting anyone at school finding out she is related to her yakuza family is the best part of the show each time. 

One high school student named Shin has found out about her secret and he plays with her like he is going to tell the school but it’s the most interesting thing he has seen in a while so he basically stalks Yankumi and finds out more about her. Shin then falls in love with Yankumi without noticing which makes the story cute.

In the manga special that came out in 2008, Yankumi and Shin get together after a gang tries to jump Yankumi, I’m happy it happened that way. He comes to the rescue once again and finally get what he’s been waiting years for.

I believe this is under the Josei genre because of the age difference. The hilarious antics in this anime has made it what it is. I know there is a live action movie I have yet to see it because I forgot it existed. I hope when I do watch it it is just as funny as the anime.

Image result for gokusen anime wallpaper



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