Day 14: Anime That Never Gets Old


Day 14: Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you rewatched it?

There are a few animes I love to pieces. And Cowboy Bebop is one of them. I’ve been watching this show going on 15 years now. And there is never a dull moment. Spike is cool as ish. Edward is hysterical.  Faye is Faye and Jet is that guy.  Of course, how could I forget the data dawg Ein. She and Ed are like tw peas in a pod.


Aside from the likable characters, this is why for me at least Bebop is re-watch worthy. This anime has tons of memorable moments.The pint sized baby Hitman. Gren introductions. The fact that he experienced a genetic gender mutation was tragic. And highly unexpected during my first go around of the series. I really though Faye was about to get her swerve on. The tension was definitely there from both side.  When the truth came out. She handled that far better then I expected. Put in that shame situation, I don’t know what I would have done. I would have been beyond shocked to say the least.  Even Spike’s Bruce Lee esque fighting philosophy. Even that bounty hunter score television show. The list goes on.

I’d also like to add the soundtrack into the mix. It was phenomenal.  Yoko Kanno enhanced the experience thoroughly. I can’t imagine bebop sounding any other way. Definitely a classic

Are you a fan of Bebop? And what are some animes you never get tired of?



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