Day 15: Fav. Sidekick, Pet or Summoning


Day 15: Favorite sidekick, pet or summoning from any anime?

I felt like going with  A sleeper pick.  Puuchan from Best Student Council 極上生徒会. If anyone else knows this anime I’ll be surprised.  But Puuchan was hysterical.


Puuchan is an animated puppet. I never really given it much thought until now. I learned that Puuchan is really Rino older brother who died passed away when Rino was younger. That explains a lot about their dynamic. Why they bicker they way they do? Why he’s so overprotective of her? Even if Rino is unaware of the truth.

Puuchan is also rude as hell.  Pretty much the Yin to Rino’s yang.  The reality to Reno’s naivety.  Puuchan is also mischievous.  I remember on episode when he ran loose around the academy playing pranks on other council members. Classic episode. He literally has a come back for everything. My guy.

So who is your favorite  sidekick, pet or summoning in anime?



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