#30 DayAnimeChallenge

Day #17: Favorite Supporting Male Anime Character

Image result for akatsuki no yonaMy favorite supporting male character is Son Hak form Akatuski No Yona ( Yona of the Dawn). He is a great supporting character. Son Hak is Yona’s childhood friend and her bodyguard. Whenever she is in trouble or in need of emotional support he is always thier for Yona. He is very strong and courageous. He has feelings for Yona and I am still waiting for them to hook up already. Hak cares deeply for Yona but, he is always hiding his true feelings for her.Hak is a strong supporting character because even though he loves Yona he held his feelings back and supported Yona in her love for Soo-Won. But, if I needed someone by my side to support me it would be Hak. Hak is always calm and nonchalant only except when it comes to Yona. Even though everyone in the group has powers Hak manages just by skills alone making him a great supporting character.

Image result for akatsuki no yona hakSon Hak is a former general of the Wind Tribe and is known as the “Thunder Beast” for his lighting fighting style giving him the title Kingdom of Kouka’s strongest warrior. He was very skilled and became a general at a very young age. He was an Orphan and was raised by the Wind Tribe general Son Mundok. Hak uses a weapon called Hsu Quandao as his main weapon. Hak was a good friend to Soo-won until he betrayed him. He was Soo-won right hand man. Hak is extremely protective of Yona and gets really jealous if any other man approaches her. Hak had vowed his life to protect Yona and even though he is deeply in love with her he suppresses his feelings.

Image result for akatsuki no yona hakIn the next season I hope Yona hooks up with him. Hak is a really good guy. I can not see her paired with anyone else. Especially, after all the stuff Yona has put Hak through. No one supports Yona more than Hak does. Hak is a grat supporting character and makes a great pair for Yona. I can not wait for season two to be released.


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