#30 DayAnimeChallenge

day #18: Favorite Supporting Female Character

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My favorite supporting female character is Leafa (Kirigaya Suguha) from Sword Art Online. Leafa is a strong female character who I believe should had her own sub series. Kirigaya Suguha also known as Leafa in Alfheim Online is the cousin of the main character Kirigaya Kazuto also known as Kirito and was raised as his sister. Suguha studied and mastered Kendo so her cousin Kirito did not have to be in troulbe with thier grandfather when he decided to quit. Suguha has always supported Kazuto in real life and in the ALO world. When Kazuto was trapped in Sword Art Online Suguha was playing another ALO game called VRMMORPG as a sylph warrior. She is a very skilled fighter and player. When she is in the virtual world she is known as Leafa. When her cousin Kazuto begins to play Leafa guides him through the game and supports him.

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Suguha is very happy, strong, brave, outgoing, protective, and kind but, when you annoy her she can be aggressive. Suguha is very good towards her friends. She always supports her firneds when they are in need of assistance. Suguha even though we all know she is in love with her cousin Kazuto she always supports his relationship with Asuna. As Leafa she assisted her cousin in the online game to help save Asuna. She joined his team to journey to ALNE also known as the World Tree.

Image result for leafaSuguha is a great supporting character who goes through many hardships in the series. I believe she should get her own series. I really dont like the guy the show paired her with. they could do so much better. Sword Art online is a very good show if you have not already seen it. I do not know why but I vote for Kazuto and Suguha. I think they make a better pair.




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