Day #19: Most Epic Scene Ever

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The most epic scene to me ever was when I was watching Acchi Kocchi episode 5 called “Attack! ⇔ and Nyanber Nyan!”. The episode was so funny I could not stop laughing.the scene was really epic. Mayoi being annoying to a cat got upper cut in the face. She literally flew back. The cat at the moment he hit her said “Nyan Uppercut”. I could not stop laughing. It was one of the most funniest scenes ever.

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The episode started with the group going on a picnic together. The group decided to play Frisbee before they sat and ate. Lo and Sakaki were playing a game of extreme Frisbee.  When Tsumiki and Mayoi was playing Tsumiki tossed the Frisbee at her neck almost killing her. Io sits down away from the group and a bunch of cats gather around him. The cats admire Io and the rest of the group comes over. Mayoi started petting a cat on the head. The cat got irritated from being petted the cat came out of nowhere and uppercut her in the face.  I watched the same scene seven times and could not stop laughing.

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Mayoi is one of the pranksters of the group. Even though Mayoi is really good with electronics and always wearing her lab coat she is to me the funniest character in the show. Mayoi loves to tease Tsumiki about her feelings for Lo. Tsumiki is always beating up Mayoi for teasing her. Mayoi seems to always end her sentences with “nyan”.

I watched the series several times over and I can not stop laughing. This whole show will make you cry of laughter. I personally have two cats and if they did something like that I would probably have to fight back. If you want watch a show for a good laugh this is the show to watch. It will make you laugh.


2 thoughts on “#30DayAnimeChallenge

  1. Karandi October 14, 2016 / 4:15 pm

    For a comedy show there are some really great moments in Acchi Kocchi and a lot of them revolve around Mayoi doing something really stupid but it ends up being hilarious. Thanks for sharing.


  2. AliceSDE October 14, 2016 / 5:21 pm

    Yeah Mayoi had me in tears the whole series

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