Day 19: Most Epic Scene Ever


Day 19: Most Epic Scene Ever?

You’ve probably realized this but have a thing for older anime. The most epic scene that comes to mind was in episode six of Fooly Cooly  When Atomsk the Pirate King finally appears. (Possessing Naota)

This was the climax of the story. The point Haruka craved for. Commander Amarao dreaded. The situation  Naota was unknowing was pulled into.  So much unfolded in this three minute clip.  Thirst, destruction, power, growth and at the end a return to normalcy.  Along with the additive of the tussle of between Atomsk and Haruka.

To be honest, this entire anime was epic.  Lord Canti was epic.  Haruka Vespa was epic. And the fact that they use instruments as weapons. So much going on the 6 short episodes. Definitely a must watch for any anime fans.

So what is your favorite scene?



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