30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 20

Day 20 – Anime character that gets on your nerves.

Sango from Inuyasha

Image result for sango inuyasha

Sango was one of my favorite characters from Inuyasha but when she started to get involved with Miroku she hit all my nerves with all of her decisions with him. I always supported Sango because she was such a cool character but the “in-love” Sango annoyed me, she forgave Miroku for everything even though he was trying to change his ways after they got together it still irked me she was dating a player.

Sango could do better she didn’t have much options of men to choose from but I was hoping a new male character was going to come on once the time came but Miroku of course was her choice, you can’t chose who you love but damn Sango could have done better I’m pretty sure she would of had a head full of grey hair just from stressing over Miroku. Matter fact that relationship just hits a nerve I’m irritated right now just thinking about them.

Image result for sango inuyasha


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