Day 20: Ani. Char That Gets on Your Nerves


Day 20: Anime Character that gets on your nerve?

I was talking to Alice. She said” I already know who your gonna pick? Ino” While it’s true that I don’t like Mrs. Yamanaka.  And I haven’t like her for really long time. My hatred for her is minimal.   But this guy “Takumi Ichinose” I hate him with a passion. With ever fiber of my being.  I’m exaggerating! Am I really? I am but I thoroughly hate this motherfucker.

You ever just look at something an instinctively know they ain’t shit. Well, that’s how I felt my first encounter with Takumi. I know your not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover but in relation to this guy. I was spot on.   He’s as cunning as he is attractive. Smart as he is talented. And above all else is a work a holic about his business. Normally these would be good traits. Unil you add in the fact that he’s a play boy and quite possessive.


This could explain his need to keep Hachi.  To control Hachi.  That’s why he agreed to marry Hachi because it benefited him.  That would cement Hachi too him and keep away scandal.  Not because of the baby.  Children only keep couples together when they chose to be together. That was his way of securing her. He was playing mind games.

All because Hachi rejected him for Nobu.  Pure jealous. You’ve been ignoring all this time and now that I’m happy- here you come to fuck all it up.


I think he actually cares for Hachi. He see’s her for how she really is.  He doesn’t judge her for it. Or so he says. But then he turns around and rubs it in her face. Foul as hell.  I really don’t like this guy.  In the words of Alice “Kick Moutains”. Lol

Anyways, Who name a character you can’t stand?




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