Day 21: Favorite Goofy Anime Character


Day 21: Favorite Goofy Anime Character?

This was another really hard one.  I’m going with the Black Star (From Soul Eater). I chuckle at the mere thought of Black Star. He is as goofy as he is powerful. That’s quite a though.  He’s also a little crazy but you’d have to be a little crazy to pursue being a Maester.  Even within the parameters of this canon scape.

But there more too him then all of that. He’s really determined. Loyal to an extreme.  I recall the episodes when Tsubaka fought her brother. Black Star sat there and let the villagers beat on him.  He was going to  move muscle until Tsubaka came back.  He just ook hit after hit.  That’s quite admirable but equally as stupid.  He was that invested in supporting her that he showed that much discipline. Until someone threaten Tsubaka. That’s impressive because this kid always wants to fight.

Can I introduce some honorable mentions? Soul Eater was full of gems.

Crona and Ragnarok

Crona was hysterical by himself.  But dynamic between he and Ragnarok was just as funny It’s not even intentional on his part. “I don’t know how to deal with this”  this repetitive line was pretty accurate.  But he was one hell of fighter. Turns out he was a lot stronger then he even realized. You got the Juice Kid.


Unlike a lot of goofy anime characters Kid is actually really smart.  And perceptive. But his OCD in relation to symmetry is quite ridiculous.  He got stuck writing his name. You would expect the Grim Reapers child to serious. And he is seriously and sort of a stick in the mud about a lot of things.  But this guy, I  just can’t take serious.  Regardless how cool he seems during battle.

Patricia “Patty” Thompson

Then there is Patty.  The picture above says it all. This turned her test paper into a Giraffe.  A GIARFFE. I recall only seeing one. How you make that out of one piece of paper?  I’d also like to add she has pastels not a pen or a pencil. Who brings pastels to a test?  She definitely balances out Kid’s crazy.

Some more honorable mentions  are Soul, Spirit and Death.  Even Excalibur. So many people to choose from.  The Zombie instructor. Even Stein was kinda funny. Maka even had her moments.

So who is your favorite Goofy Character? Any honorable mentions?







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