Day 22# Favorite weapon, gear or armor used in an anime

My favorite armor and weapon used in an anime was the mobile suit from G Gundam. I loved the Shining Gundam. It would turn all gold and the hands were used as a weapon. The gundam had three forms, which were G gundam, Bring Gundam, and then Shining Gundam.

I would always get excited when the gundam had a new transformation making it more powerful. I enjoyed how the pilot manage to make a connection with thier mobile suit. Domon was able to move the gundam to his own body movements.

Thier are many cool mobile suits from different series but this mobile suit  is unique.Domon uses normal fighting techniques and did not really need a weapon like a sword, scythe, gun, or staff just the fists. The gundam changes depending on emotions. When Domon is angry the mobile suit transform to the Burning Gundam. When he reaches sync with the Shining Gundam it turns all gold.


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