Day 22: Favorite Weapon, Gear or Armor


Day 22: Favorite Weapon, Gear or Armor used in an Anime?

Sakabatō Kageuchi (Reverse-Blade Sword) from Rurouni Kenshin.  Sakabato was given to Kenshin by the weapons smith Arai Shakkū. It was forged to be a Holy Sword. Which aligned with Kenshin new-found principles.


Nearing the end of waring times, what use would this weapon have?  Nothing other than being a symbol of agreed about peace. So it’s not a weapon on blood shed but rather a symbol of prosperity and growth for the approaching Meiji Era.

That idea was pretty appealing.  But more than anything what drew me in was that a blade of this caliber needing a Master Swordsman to truly harness it. Someone who is virtuous. That aspect of level up is very appealing. I wish I had a better story but for into post. It’s simply is what it is.

So what is your favorite?





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