Day 23: Favorite Attack Someone used in an anime

Goku’s Spirit Bomb

My favorite attack someone used in an anime was Goku from Dragon Ball Z the Spirit Bomb. Out of all the attacks Goku uses his strongest attack to me is the spirit bomb. He uses this technique to finish off his enemies.

The spirit bomb is a collection of energy from all life forms on the earth. The spirit bomb consists of energy from the plants, trees, animals, sea creatures,and people. Goku draws on the power of the Earth to form a ball of energy that he launches at his enemy. The only weakness of the spirit bomb is that it takes a long time to charge.

The most epic scene when Goku  used the spirit bomb was the match against Freeza. Goku lost all his energy and went to his last resort to use the spirit bomb. Goku used the spirit bomb to defeat Frieza.


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