#30DayAnimeChallenge (Viewers Discretion Advised) 

DAY 24: A moment that shocked you the most in an anime

The most shocking moment in an anime I saw was Elfen Lied, when Lucy killed the children in the classroom for killing the dog. To me that was a extreme dramatic event. I was so shocked I had no idea that she would do something that extreme and kill children. Do not get me wrong what they did was wrong but, I did not expect her to do something like that.

Lucy has been through a lot of psychological and psyhical trauma. She is a strong female character. Lucy does what she needs to do to protect the ones she love. The whole situation had me stunned that those kids would push her far enough for her to kill them.Lucy loved that dog and the children tortured the dog and she killed the kids for killing the puppy.

Lucy is a new mutated species called Diclonius. The species appear to look like humans except they have horns and vectors. Vectors are invisible telekentic arms that she uses to fight.Lucy’s personality changes from being a sweet innocent person to a brutal murder. Lucy loves Kohta and would do anything for him which can be good and scary at the same time. Lucy’s change of her personality is a shocker by itself. Lucy can be sweet and the next moment she can be your worst nightmare.


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