Day 24: A Scene That Shocked You


Day 24: Anime scene that shocked you the most? (Viewers Discretion Advised)

The School Days anime is horrible. The level fuckery in this anime has yet to be matched. Just thinking about it pisses me off and saddens me at the same time.  I saw there anime like 10 years ago and I have been unable to etch it out of my memory.  I did for little while but then it popped back up. But that’s doesn’t really matter nor does it change it.



I can literally pick a tragic scene in just about every episode and the series was only 12 episodes long. With three ova also being equally as fuck up. I’m squinting while I write this.  The cringe level is A rank.  What makes it so bad for those you who aren’t familiar with the show? Is the fact it start off like cliché romance. But after episode 5, all hell breaks loose.

The scene in question happens towards the end of episode 12. When Sekai stabbed Makoto around twenty times with a kitchen knife after he suggested abortion. More like he wouldn’t accept anything other then that.  As deceitful as he was through out these story, no one deserves to die in this manner. The Sekai gets a text message(email) from his cell phone. Remind you, the dummy just finished killing him. She goes to meet whoever sent the message. Turns out to Kotonoha. Who then attacked her and cuts her womb out. And then when you thinks matter cannot get even worst. They show Kotonoha on a boat with a bag which is revealed to have Makoto head in it.

I don’t even know where to beginning but these were kids-High School Students. I am really at a loss for words. The animosity. The loss of life. All Diabolical.

Sekai’s killing could be summed up as a crime of passion. She clearly  wasn’t in her proper state of mind nor did she seem in control. Though that excuse her crime but adds perspective.  As Kotonoha, her killing was premeditated. Considering all that she went through, she couldn’t have been in the right state of mind either. It was about revenge though. Putting all of that aside, Do you have any idea the amount of strengthen it would take to chop of a human head? I’m pretty sure, she used a knife on him as she did for Sekai. The human neck is too thick for one clean strike. She would have needed to strike repeal. She stomached all of that blood

I remember reading an episode by episode summary before hand.  I had an idea of what I was walking into but that didn’t lessen the blow even when I saw it coming a mile away. That’s one of the reason it’s stuck with me for so long. Aside from the fact that this was the first time I encounter anything like this in animation form.  It’s definitely unique.  Captivating and at the same time sad as shit.

So what was a scene that shocked you the most?  I know used three different scene but you can’t really address one without the others. But either way, Let me know.



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