#30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 25: Saddest Anime Death

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I really thought about this one. Many of the anime’s I seen someone I really like always is the character that dies. I wanted to do Grave of the Fireflies which to me is the saddest anime that was ever freaking made. The whole story was so depressing I could not stop crying. I told my brother and sister I loved them. But this was to me not the saddest anime death. Upon discussion with my friend a death that was indeed sad was Kakashi from Naruto. that to me was the saddest death. Kakashi wasted his life to save Choji instead of Neji who is a more valued character. It was truly a sad death for the fact is he did not need to die for him. I know Kakashi comes back to life but, I can not help myself but to ask why Choji.

Image result for kakashi death

Kakashi was fighting against Pain when he dies. Kakashi teamed up with  Choji,Choza, Shito, and the Akimichi clan to defeat Pain. Kakshi used his Hiding Like a Mole Technique to bind Pain while Choji and Choza use their Double Human Bullet Tank to crush Deva Path. However Pain repelled their technique killing Choza trying to protect Choji with his body. Kakashi trapped, Pain’s Deva Path ueses a nail from the wooden board and fires it at Kakashi’s head, nearly killing him. But it gets worst. Choji not noticed by Deva Path went to go mourn his father who is not dead instead, of listening to Kakashi to worn Tsunade about Deva Path’s abilities, the idiot runs to Asura Path who is alive, and fires a missle at him trying to kill him, Kakashi barely alive, uses the last of his chakra to activate his Mangekyo Sharingan. He uses his ability Kamui to warp the missile away. Kakashi then dies from his wounds and the lack of chakra in his body. When Kakashi dies he meets his father in the afterlife to discuss his tale. Kakashi’s death was unnecessary if Choji would have gotten his act together instead of panic. Tsunade would had been able to help him. I was so shocked that Kakashi had fallen because of Choji. It was hard to believe. It was a sad day in anime. Kakashi in the afterlife was able to sit and speak with his father which was an epic moment in itself.

Image result for kakashi and his father

Let us not forget the others who had fallen, especially, Neji that was a shock as well. If Kakashi was to risk his life it should have been someone like Neji even though I believe they should not have killed him off. Neji was amazing character to kill him of sucked. I wanted to talk about Kakashi only but Neji was a tragedy as well. I don’t want to go into his death because Ill probably start crying and I feel the water works coming but, why, why Neji and not Choji why is he more significant than Neji he deserved to live. I wanted to see him with Tenten so damn bad. I am still pissed off they killed him off they should have used a jutsu and revived him. this was a epic sad death in Naruto next to kakashi dieing for Choji. I wish that Masashi Kishimoto would have just left Neji alive. I understood his death needed to happen but, damn they should had brought him back to life to be with Tenten.

Image result for neji death

Still looking at this photo Neji’s death I believe hurt the Naruto fans the most. Neji was a good guy. I still ask myself why. I still can not believe it. I hope that if the creator of Naruto reads my post he would somehow make a new series with Neji still alive and he is with Tenten and they have children. I hope that Naruto somehow learned a justu that revived Neji without any unnecessary sacrifices.

Image result for neji and tenten            This is how it should have been. art by Bayneezone

R.I.P. Neji Hyuga the character who should have never died.


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