Day 27: Most Badass Anime Scene from a Character ( Viewer Discretion Advised)

The most badass scene from a Character that I saw was Tokyo Ghoul when Kaneki fought Jason. Kaneki finally awoke his true power. He broke after being tortured for hours. That was an extremely dramatic scene. Kaneki was tied to a chair and was toured for days until he could not take it anymore. Jason was freakin crazy.

Kaneki bustep free from the chair and jumped to attack Jason. Kaneki moved with such speed Jason could not even touch him. He jumped, punched and tackled Jason down and ate him. He deserved it. It was crazy when Jason caught his leg in midair twisted and broke it and he droped kicked him in the face. His leg healed instantly. This was a badass fight scene.

My favor ite part was before he ate him he used the same torture techNiue he used on him. Favorite quote: “What is a thousand minus seven?”. I know never to answer that.


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