Day 27: Most Badass Scene


Day 27: Most Badass Scene From Any Anime?

There are tons of bad ass scenes to choose some. I’ve listed a few really dope ones over this challenge process. But who says the badass moment has to be by default a fight scene. There are other ways to kick ass right? Not in just the literal sense.

Sailor V is low key the g.o.a.t. She will forever be my player senpai.  There was a episode in the Super  S series where she managed to bag two players.  The entire time, they though they were playing her. When in actuality she was running game on both of them.  Going back and forth to cater to both dates flawlessly. I am in no way condoning playing with peoples emotions but you have to admit watching her pull this off was badass as fuck.  And Karma’s a bitch. This was a prime example.  For both Mina, Hawkeye and Tigerseye.

Things that seem to good to be true it’s because they usually are. 

This is something I learned the hard way.

Honorable mention: When Rei swooped in and snagged a date with Darien (Mamoru) in season one. Player Player That was smooth as fuck.

But anyways, What is your favorite badass moment in Sailor Moon or in general?.

Let me know below.




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