Day 29: Anime you wish was real

The anime I wish was real would be Shugo Chara that was one of my favorite anime’s to watch. I wanted to have little guardian’s that I can talk to and be able to transform. Each guardian represented one of my personalites. Who dont wanna chibi vwrsion of themselves. I wanted to be like Amu and have guardian spirits, and a cute boy in love with her, especially, Ikuto. I adored him.

Amu Hinamori attended elementary school and her classmates thought she was cool but she is actually shy and timid. Amu wished to able to express her self and she had three eggs in her bed blue(Miki), pink(Ran), and green (Su). The guardians Aide Amu in discovering her trues elf and help her follow her dream. Amu discovers other students in the school with guardian spirits as well. Those with guardian spirits can transform  and with each transformation they gain special powers. The group of Guardians have to protect people’s dreams from being corrupted by purfying X Eggs and X Characters.

I want to be like Amu. She lives a very fun and eccentric life. I would have liked my time in elementary school to be the same. I loved to have me and friends go out and help save people’s dreams. If I was Amu I would have totally pick Ikuto because he is way better than Tadase even though he is cute too.

My favorite Ikuto. 😍


2 thoughts on “#30DayAnimeChallenge 

  1. Karandi October 25, 2016 / 2:01 am

    Ikuto would definitely have been my pick if I were Amu, even with the whole bad-boy tragic back story thing going.


  2. AliceSDE October 25, 2016 / 11:25 am

    Yes. They were so cute together. I was surprised that he would be in her room sleeping on her bed lol.

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