Day 29: Anime You Wish Was Real


Day 29: Anime you wish was real?

This is another really tough one.  But I have to go with Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

Why? Because I always wanted to be a Gundam Pilot. I low key still want to be one. No shame in my game. lol  Another reason I choice Gundam wing was because of the mobile suit action but also because of the cast.

One word: Wufei, the love is real. LOL And Lady Une was the big homie.  Noin is big sis.  Zechs. Treize. Need I really say more.  Duo was definite that guy.  Such a colorful cast of characters.  Things would never be boring with these people around.

The best thing of all. Space accessibility. Aside from the functional Gundam themselves.


Anyways, what anime would you choice to be real?



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