DAY 30: An Anime you Wished Never Ended and Continued On…

This the last anime challenge. I had fun doing this challenge. I know I am,an Otaku and I will never change. I had fun doing this challenge with my friends and hope to do another challenge in the future.

This question I did not have to think hard it brought back sad memories. I remember sitting down at my computer waiting every week for the next episode of Kirarin Revolution this was one of my favorite anime’s but if you seen the show the worst thing happened. After watching more than a hundred episodes the show was discontinued. I wanted to freakin cry. I waited for new episodes and, IT NEVER HAPPENED.

I am still sad that it never continued. The heartbreak is real. This anime should have continued and they should had ended the show properly. Every time I think about it I get depressed. I wanted to know so damn bad who she ended up with in the end. Watching the show was so much fun. I hope that one day they will finish this anime and I get to see the ending. This is why I believe that  Kirarin Revolution should continue.

Another show I felt that I had to mention was Gangsta another anime that was discontinued and never finished. I wish this show did not end. Thier was so much more I wanted to see. I really enjoyed this action pact show. This show reminded me so much of Cowboy Beepop and Samuari Champloo.

I hope this comes to an end. I am tired of liking a show and it becomes cut off because of funding. Gangsta was really good and just the frist episode you get hooked into the series. I hope that they decide to come out with a second season in the future. The show needs to continue. I am stuck with a freakin cliff hanger of a lifetime after watching both of these anime series.


2 thoughts on “#30DayAnimeChallenge 

  1. Karandi October 25, 2016 / 4:06 pm

    Gangsta definitely needs to continue and I know it won’t but it really, really needs someone else ot pick it up and to finish it.


  2. AliceSDE October 25, 2016 / 4:10 pm

    Yes it does. It deserves to be continued.

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