Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X


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I am a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts. I started playing this app on my phone called Kingdom Hearts: x Unchained this is a new cool way of playing Kingdom Hearts with other people around the world. I play this app almost everyday. Once you start it becomes addictive. The game allows you to interact with players around the world and join forces to stop the Heartless. This game is very different from the actual series of Kingdom Hearts but, it does have its own story line and it is fun to play as your own character you customize yourself.

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This game takes place in an alternate dimension where you are a keyblade wielder helping Chirithy who a small cat who guides you through the game. The story starts off with Kairi’s grandmother telling the story of the Keyblade War. In this game you can customize your character and change their appearance whenever you want through out the game. Instead of choosing a weapon you chose a team that you want. Each team has its own strength. The team that collects the most Lux gets the best rewards at the end of the month. Every time you fight a heartless you gain Lux. the more Lux you have the better rewards you reap at the end of the month.

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The game play is similar to Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Memories that is a turn style game. Instead of playing with cards you fight with Medals. In this game you collect medals and upgrade them to be stronger using other medals. you also can collect special medals to upgrade techniques and enhance special skills. Example the CID medal reduces the amount of cost needed for the medal. their also medals that you can only collect in Special Events that allow you to level up for Medal to a stronger one.

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There are special events where you can collect medals of certain Kingdom Hearts characters and level up your medals making them stronger. Their are four types of events that allow you to collect Medals and level up your character which are Special Events, Events, Story, and Coliseum. You must complete the story line to certian point in order to unlock the other events. Their also events to unlock certain outfits to your choosing for your avatar.

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The one thing that I like the most about this Kingdom Hearts is that you can customize and create your own character. I love switching outfits on my character. I currently have Nanami’s outfit on my character. It cool that you can unlock many different outfits for your character can switch to.

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Their many different outfits to unlock and in order to unlock a outfit you need to use Avatar coins which you earn when beating a mission or leveling up. You can play special events and unlock certain outfits to wear but, you must beat the event within the time frame.

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The game play is very similar to Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Memories as I said before. They game is turn style. you can use your medal’s special attack on an enemy to do more damage. their several different type of medals you can use. There are several different types of medals you can choose from but, remember this game is played by the elements. Their are four elements this game uses Fire (Power medal), Water (Magic medal), Grass (Speed medal). and, now new dark medals which is the fourth type of medal to use which are villain medals that are all black but does not do to much damage against the heartlesImage result for kingdom hearts unchained x

Their are five different Keyblades you have to level up in the game. While you play your missions you must collect different items to upgrade your keyblade. Some Upgrades can only be made while playing the story mode. each one has different features and holds certain medals. the Starlight Keyblade holds all different types of medals. Some hold only hold one element like the LadyLuck Keyblade holds only speed medals. Be careful before entering a mission is always good to see the element your fighting before entering the mission so you can choose the right keyblade.

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ONe of the main cool features about this game compared to the other games is that you can play online with other people. You can have conversations with friends and form parties. The server is linked around the world. You can play with anyone. You have an option to create your own party or join someone’s party. Your teammates can help you when you encounter a boss battle and help you defeat them known as a “Raid Boss”.

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This is a fun game to play when your bored or on your spare time. This is a fun way to help those who are waiting for the the next Kingdom Hearts game to come out. I love to play this game on my down time. the best thing about this game its an app that you can download on the app store and play as you go. This game helps me when I am stressed or bored. It is a good game to play when you need to pass the time. I cannot wait for the next Kingdom Hearts game to come out soon.


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