Forever 2NE1

I’ve been a K-Music fan for almost a decade now.  And thru all the ups and downs, Nay Sayers and overall ignorance surrounding this fandom. The music is what has keep me grounded. And as cliché as this may seem, K-pop has changed my life.  Garnering enough respect to with stand a lot of be bs that comes with the territory. And here we are at another cross roads.

2NE1 was the first female K-pop group that I co-signed.  I’ve been a fan since before they dropped their debut album: To Anyone in 2010.  My first encounter through their Lollipop collaboration fellow YG Group BigBang. Admittedly, I hated that song but the flavor and suave was still there. Enough so, that I looked into more of there music. I was a fan back when Bom was lacing hooks for BigBang.  (FOREVER WITH YOU and WE BELONG TOGETHER
I watched as Minzy and CL move into womanhood.  I watched as Dara found her own lane and shined like I always knew she could.  And even as their sound and style developed over time. As an artist should, I still rocked with them.  I won’t pretend that I co-signed everything but I always respected it.  Sometimes greatness is misunderstood. Sometimes your vision is yours alone. Every is not privy to that ability.  Myself included.
As they say, all good things must come to an end.   While this is a new beginning for these ladies. And I wish them nothing but the best.  Things will never be the same and that’s okay.  In a show of good faith.  I’ll list off some of my favorite 2NE1 songs in no particular order.
What are some of your favorite songs?  Drop them in the comment section below.

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