One More Day – SISTAR

SISTAR is a group that has been in K-pop scene for quite a while now.   And while, I haven’t been fully converted into their fandom,  I’ve come to respect to their hustle.  This is an indutry that makes an breaks artist as quickly as they concoct them.  The ladies in SISTAR  have managed to establish themselves as a premier collective.   I as a non fan, walked into this music video with that very mind-set.

One of the first things I noticed was the contrast between the song and the visual. The instrumentation is very bright and upbeat – opposite of the MV. The music video dark almost somber.

At first, It felt like I was watching an old-time female duo like Thelma and Louise but with sexual undertones.  With slow build in tension. (visually and musicially), I knew that things would soon take a turn for the worst.  And it sure as hell did!

And here is where things begin to get alittle shakey…..

Shorty with the blonde hair (Song Hae-Na) was being abused. And not did they show her abuser but they shared the abuse.  I did not see this coming. The only other video I can think off the top of my head with a similar twist is BigBang Lies.  A totally different scenerion but similar in the domestic violence aspect.

Honesty, here is how I though things would play out. Hong Soo-Hyu which was the other leading lady in the music video was well the third wheel. And behind closed doors, they were much more then friends. (Which in a way is stil true)  The whole while, in my mind I was utterly shocked.  Like all three of you are- friends and the two of ya”ll creeping right under the other nose.  Like wow, that is totally foul.

But it turned out that I was completely off track. In actuality, HSH wasn’t the problem but rather the male lead.  He was a woman beater.  And unfortnately for him, Karma would see that he recieves the very thing that he’s been dishing out.  Excuse my language but they waxed his ass.

After all is said and done, I have questions!

What was in that damn suitcase? Did they chop him up and stash his remains in that suitcase they were lugging around before they set  what I assume was in car aflame.  Or did they just offer other evident.

Then you also have to wonder whether all the other scenes were flashback as well.  Did they hang out first for dealing with their deed? Highly unlikely  but also still a viable possiblity.  This music video was definitely something else.

So what were your thoughts?


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