Favorite Korean Pop Songs of 2016

2016 has come to a close. I decided that I would try something a little different or rather something I haven’t done in a while.  I complied a list of my favorite South Korean Pop songs of the year.  In no specific order.

So let’s begin…

1) I’M GOOD – Se7En

This was one of the first songs to come to mind. This song is smooth. Sultry vocals. It felt so nostalgic yet fresh. Like back in the early 2000’s when my K-Journey began. He’s definitely on his grown man sexy. The energy was definitely pouring though performance wise and vocally.   Dope track sir.

2) The Truth Is – Jay Park

My love for Jay Park is real. I’ve been a fan since my friend put me on back during his 2PM days. I’ve never turned back.  I can’t front, he’s been releasing a lot of dope material all this year.  Everything you ever wanted definitely had some heat.  Hands down, The Truth Is has to be my favorite.  It’s cute and playful for a while you actually forget that it’s a break up song.  Prince Petty is in full effect but it delivered in a way where it can easily go over your head.  I couldn’t help but laugh even when in the back of my mind I knew I shouldn’t. I mean even the animation with cool as it painted the narrative.

3. Borders – Amber  of F(x)

As a Hip Hop baby, I’m drawn to rap like moth to a flame. And while this song, wasn’t the most technical set of bars I’ve heard this year. It was earnest. It felt real.  When she said she be walking with her eyes down. You believed her.  And when she told you to fight your way. You believed her too.  What I loved most about this song was that not only does it feel like she was talking to the listener but more than anything it felt like a message to herself.  This was a peep talk on a grand stage.  The hook only helped to solidify everything.   And vocals though.


Mr. NO LOVE.  Mr. Do It Yourself.  Whenever I think of this song. This line automatically pops into my head.

She ain’t even know it


And he was right. I ain’t even know!  That this song was going to be fire.   Even with my slight bias for him because of his work with 2PM. I was utterly surprised that I fucks with this song.  I’m not easily swayed. I can be quite and hard ass when it comes to these types of things. But smooth vocals will do that to you.

4) JamCome On Baby – Yoon Mi Rae

Queen T. Not only does the Korean version slay but so does the English.  Ann One on the backing vocals was fun as hell to listen too.   There chemistry together is really something special.  I would have loved to be in studio for this session. I know it was energy tranfer was crazy.  I also loved the Lauryn Hill homage. So much respect for this lady right here.


5) Home (Ft. Yoonmirae) – Ailee

I’ve known about Ailee before her Kpop fame thru YouTube.  This song right here is definitely a bop.  Smooth, classy and I also love the grown and sexy vibe. There are a lot of youngin’ in the Kpop scene nice to see more mature content.   Her vocals are always lovely hear. The feature by Tasha only made it  that much better but I feel like it ould have stood just as strongly without it.


Lastly,  we have FXXK It by BigBang.  I love BigBang.  There music videos are always quirky. And while, this isn’t my favorite song of there. It’s fun to listen too. Daesung vocally slaying my ears. GD, TOP And Taeyang being as goofy and animated as ever. Seungri growth. All nostalgia.

Here is my list.  And what were some of your favorites in 2016?




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