Reload (Ft. Shotgun Suge) – Marcus Ariah


I’ve been looking forward to this video since it was previewed in the Wats Yo Name music video.  And as always, B.B.C (Brick City Cartel) delivers.

But this song was definitely something for the streets. Gritty. Aggressive. And high energy.  Liked how Shotgun Suge and Marcus voices complimented each other. The best for me was definitely the music video. It played out like a movie.  I though the War Scene promo placement set the mood perfectly.

Something I really love about BBC x Gifted Miinds movement is that their releases are always a family affair.  Ranging from various cameo’s to promotion. The music videos are also directed by a in-house team. They even mixed and mastered their own music in-house.  The full on indie grind.

They’re definitely a movement to look out for.

So what did you think of Reload?

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