The Beach – (Naruto Dabble)

Sasuke X Tenten by KagsChann

Title: The Beach

Author: Sayori Hollyhood

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: Sasuke Uchiha x Tenten

Genre: Drama/Suspense

Universe:  AU

Night time was approaching. The sky filled with radiant colors as vibrant as the feeling it gives off along the sandy shore line. Sasuke, the raven hair young man scowl quickly changed into a smirk as he approached his female companion.

Loose strands of her coco colored hair blown wildly in the wind. The single bun which sat on top of her head was no more. The Uchiha found the scenery quite breathtaking- in more ways than one. But to be fairly honest, his fascination was quite bias.

“Here” He stood over his female companion with an outstretched arm a sweater in hand.

She brushed her tresses from her face smiling at him warmly

“I told you, you didn’t need to trouble yourself. But thank you.”

He impatiently tossed the sweat shirt across her lap before lowered himself down onto the blanket they preciously laid across the sandy bleach floor. He playfully bumped into her before gazing off into the horizon. The ocean breeze gently caressing his delicate features.

“Thanks for bringing me here”

“I could tell something was off. So how could I not bring you here?” He confessed

“Did I really sound that bad?” She was clearly embarrassed.

“No” he assures the brunette. “I just know you well. Spill Woman?”

“No thank you” she scuffed, wrapping her arms around his mid-section.

“What do you think you’re doing?” arched eyebrow

“Shut up and leave me alone”

Really now Tenten?

Wrong answer, Sasuke scowl now clear as day. And unfortunately for her, he was petty enough to make her pay for her indiscretion when her delicate fingers found their way over his mouth. He grabbed her hand before she could pull it away. Pulling her index finger to his mouth and biting it.

“Ouch” She flinched pulling her hand away.

Sasuke turned toward Tenten chuckling at the horrified expression he expected to find plastered on her face but was instead meet with her nursing her finger.

“So are you planning on giving my jacket back anytime soon?”

The young woman frowned at him, the look of confusion still plastered on her face.

“Here” She offered the grey and pink sweater he just brought to her.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” Sasuke arched his brow

“You can use it. It I’ll fit.”

“I walked all the way back to my car looking for a sweater. And when I couldn’t find one, I brought this from the surf shop. So you’re wearing this” demanded Sasuke.

“But that one doesn’t smell like you”

“You’re such a brat” Sasuke took the sweatshirt and squeezed it over his head. It was snug and kind of feminine for his liking but his pride was not enough to stick being cold.

They both chuckled sharing a glance at one another. How long has it been since they last laughed like this? Sasuke wondered his it faded to silence. Something they both found comfort in normally but this silence was quite uncomfortable. Tenten leaned in hover over his right ear.

“That color looks pretty good on you” she teased light heartedly.

Sasuke huffed, rolling his eyes.

“No really helps bring out your eyes”

“Shut Up” Sasuke kicked some sand at her. This caused her to chuckle even more.

“Come on. I was just playing. Lighten up” She sighed, pulling her knees to her chest. This was something she did when she was uncomfortable.

“Tenten” called Sasuke

“Hmm” asked, a muffled voice.

“Have you given any thought to what we talked about the other night?”

“Yeah I have”

“Well?” He slides closer, their legs now touching.

“You know I love you right”

“Then why does it sound like your rejecting me”

“It’s complicated. You wouldn’t understand”

“Try Me”

“I can’t keep burdening you like this. Every time I call. You come running”

“I come because I want too” Sasuke reaches for her hand

“I know you do-” Sasuke cuts her off

“Then what’s the problem?”

“I’m dying Sasuke”

“I know” he

. This is exactly why this-us is so important”

“No, I don’t want this for you” The brunette shut him down.

Sasuke frowned realizing where this was going?

“But what about you? You shouldn’t have to go through this alone”

“I won’t be alone”

“For once, think about yourself”

“This is for my wellbeing as much as it is for yours”

“You’re telling me that you’ll be okay with not seeing me”

“It won’t be easy but I’ll manage”

Sasuke sighed, running his fingers through his dampen scalp.

“Let me get this straight. You’re asking me to abandon you when you need me most. ”

“No, I’m the one pushing you away. So technically, it’s not abandonment”.

“And I’m supposed to be okay with this?” Asked Sasuke.

“Didn’t think you would be but this is just how it has to be”

“Well what if I don’t want this for both of us”

The brunette sighed, fatigue written all over her body. Sasuke ran his fingers through his hair once more. Taking a deep breathe, pulling together his composure.

“This is how it has to be” She assured him, Sasuke frowned as she put some distance between them.

“Even if it means me resenting you?”

The brunette nodded. This only dampened his mood even further.

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore. How are things on your end?”

“Kiss Me” Sasuke asked

“Excuse me” asked the petite brunette.

“I said kiss me” She looked at him like she was crazy.


Please, the tightness in his jaw and his posture said it all. The coco hair woman bit down on her lip for composure sake. Her fidgety behavior didn’t go unnoticed.

“Okay, I guess it couldn’t hurt” Tenten huffed, placing her hands on both sides of his face.

“Close your eyes. And count to three” Sasuke copy her hand placement.

One .



“Open your eyes silly” A familiar voice rang in his ears. He opened his eyes and was faced with a darken sky and piece a folded piece of paper.

Sunrise: March 9, 1995 – Sunset: July 5, 2016

RIP Tenten



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