The Science of Seduction

NejiSaku for rocketcica by aninhabr
NejiSaku for rocketcica by aninhabr

Title: The Science of Seduction

Author: Princesshyuuga01

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: Neji Hyuuga x Sakura Haruno

Genre: Humour

Universe:  AU

Summary: Everything about her spoke of forbidden indulgences. She was truly the work of the devil…

Viewers Discretion advised. 

He was fucked.

It was the conclusion Neji came to the minute Sakura emerged from his bathroom with those silken tresses cascading down the middle of her back—like a bashful youth kissed for the first time they glowed peach-pink.

The torrential downpour outside had drenched her from head to toe on her way over. He supposed it was some kind of poetic irony that the green of her eyes stood out like the colour of the forest after it rained.

Because her skin was thin, almost translucent and without any discernible pigment he had always thought of her eyes as the kind of green that pushed its way through the piles of gritty snow—her skin—to remind one of the coming spring.

It was the kind of green that budded on the prisoners of winter and brought life back to their branches.

“You can’t be serious right now,” she tipped her head to the side. The damped mass of her hair followed suit. “Why do you have your textbooks out?”

For a moment her question was lost to him, all he could do was stare.

Sakura blinked, her thick, black lashes fluttering like the wings of a butterfly. “Something interests you Neji?” she grinned slyly.

Cherry lips, crystal white teeth.

His eyes trailed down the length of her slender neck to linger at her bust and pursed his lips. The tip of each poked boldly against the light fabric of her top. It was perhaps a little out of character for Neji but his mouth almost watered when his gaze flickered to the delicate curve of her hips, further emphasized by the narrowness of her waist.

By the time Sakura closed the distance between them he found himself breathing hard and heavy.

He swallowed.

She had changed into a pair of his pajama pants. Against her slender legs, they appeared wide and damned near shapeless. With it, she wore a thigh-long cream-coloured jersey which was equally as shapeless. But damn it, it had as much appeal as lingerie on her. It was terribly fucking sexy.

He mentally shook his head.

There was nothing remotely sexy about stealing clothes. He would never understand Sakura’s reasons for doing it either. She had more than enough of her own clothes in his drawers to change into but she never did. Hanabi once said that she had a hunch Sakura was slowly moving into the Hyuuga manor.

Apparently Neji was moving out and into the Haruno residence then. Because for every missing pair of his boxers, shorts, T-shirt or socks, he had an item of clothing of hers in his drawers and for every missing pair of bra, jeans, blouse or skirt, Sakura also had a piece of garment that belonged to him in her own closet.

“We should get some studying done—” Neji suggested tightly, shifting some of the books aside to make room for her on the bed. For some reasons his hands trembled as he did so. “—finals are coming up,” he argued, avoiding her eyes.

The bright green gaze that fell on him was too hot for his peace of mind.

It suddenly felt awkward to have her sharing the same air space. Her presence made the very oxygen atoms feel charged with some kind of decadence. Neji didn’t know why that was. He was after all accustomed to the view. Whether or not she had an excuse for doing it, Sakura always found herself in his clothes whenever she stopped by.

The intimacy of her wearing his clothing left a gut punch of desire—that had never been there before—that he couldn’t deny. Possession, raw and hot flared in him.


He sighed restlessly and dragged his fingers though his hair. Hiashi certainly wasn’t helping the situation either. Neji recalled his uncle—on their most recent shopping trip—suggesting a shirt he was of the opinion Sakura might like. The young Hyuuga was baffled. Since when did his choice of wardrobe have anything to do with the pinkette’s taste?

And why didn’t it bother the haughty clan head to see some common girl casually flaunt his nephew’s very expensive—very designer—clothes around their house? Why didn’t he complain about having that same girl locked in Neji’s bedroom with him 24/7?

They were teenagers for heaven’s sake, albeit having passed the age of consent.

But Neji knew the answer.

It adorned his finger—a pretty silver band.

A purity ring.

It symbolized a pledge to abstain from sexual relations until marriage. And is typically worn by religious teenagers who engaged in underage, premarital sex regardless, Neji would like to add to the definition. A prime example was probably his perfect little cousin Hinata, but he didn’t wish to get into any of that right now.

The fact of the matter was that the elders of his family were ridiculous to put so much faith in a piece of metal. He could’ve easily broken his abstinence vow and continued to wear the damned ring as if it was the dearest thing to him—kind of like what Hinata was doing.

She was weak, Neji dismissed savagely. It was always the quiet ones.

Hyuuga values and morals asides, Neji would not befell by weakness of the flesh. He prided himself on self-control—self-control and the fact that none of his female counterparts wielded the power to lead him astray, to stir his senses.

Except for one.

“You want us to study?” Sakura puckered her lips in an irritable pout and folded her arms across her breast. Neji took an audible breath. He really wished she hadn’t done that because the action made them appear fuller. “You’re such a buzz kill,” she hissed.

He frowned her, uncomfortably aware that her fury was sparking quite the opposite reaction in him. His mouth twisted in an ironic smirk, “You’re failing biology, remember?”

The mattress dipped beneath her weight when she flung herself down beside him. “Biology isn’t taught through textbooks, Neji—” she reached out, her fingers touching his cheek despite his instinctive flinch.

He could feel his fragile hold on that aforementioned self-control weakening.

“—it’s learned through experience,” she whispered so close to his ear he fancy he felt the tip of her tongue against the shell of it.

An inappropriate shudder wracked through his body. He took another deep breath, fighting for composure. What the hell was wrong with him tonight? He felt drugged.

“Tsunade said the paper would focus mainly on chapters five through to eleven. Where do you want to start?” he cleared his throat, inching away from her touch as if stung.

Sakura threw her head back and laughed at his reaction. A rich sound that speared through his loins. Oh hell, he thought, he was a goner. “Why are you so jumpy these days? Is my presence finally starting to threaten the significance of that silly little ring, Neji?” she asked, laughter heavy in her voice.


The word echoed in his head.

What did she mean by that?

Neji knew he was better off not questioning it.

“The only thing that your presence threatens is my sanity,” he grouched, pinching the bridge of his nose to hint his heightening level of irritation. “Stop slacking off and turn to chapter seven,” he instructed tartly. “If I remember correctly you failed the test for that unit.”

“Keeping tabs on me now?” Her grin was devilish as she idly shifted through the pages of her textbook. The leaves were still crisp and the book still had that new smell, despite her having had it for more than six months—an indication of how infrequently it was used. “Who studies for a test on reproduction? We all know what goes where. Why do they have to make a huge deal out of the details?”

Neji stared at her with narrowed, incredulous eyes. “There’s a lot more to it than that.”

“There really isn’t,” she patted his thigh. His mouth opened, his thighs tensed. Sakura watched as he fought to breathe, to draw in air to counter what his eyes could not betray. Excitement. “But of course you wouldn’t know.”

He willed the colour that rushed to his cheeks to go away and tighten his grip on his book. His fingers turned white with the tension that invaded his body. “And I suppose you would?” The question was out before he could stop it but his follow up— “You’re changing the subject,”—did not do him much justice.

“Some things are better learned through discovery…” her voice dropped, becoming huskier as she reached for the glass filled with ice cubes by the bedside table. She had stuck her lollipop in it for safe-keeping before she went into the bathroom to change earlier. “…through exploration, experimentation.”

Frustration filled him now. “What are you getting at?”

“The information present in our textbooks is lacking.” The rasp of her voice stroked against his senses.

“Says who?”

“Says me,” her fingers slid over the rim of the glass.

“We’re not talking about the same thing, are we?” he asked curiously.

Of course not.

They weren’t on the same page. Not even in a literal sense. Chapter seven was on hormones. Reproduction wasn’t until chapter nine. He wondered what her reason for stirring up all this nonsense was.

Sakura could barely restrain her giggle. Opening her mouth slowly, aware of Neji watching her every move, she laid a piece of ice on her tongue and allowed the cold to penetrate the warmth of her mouth until it melted from the heat.

“We could be. Discoveries are better shared, my chaste little Neji.” Her whisper, despite its softness, resonated with a sense of possessiveness and power.

He arched a brow. “Do I even want to know what you mean by that?”

The pale lavender of his orbs darkened to a discernible purple colour and the pupils expanded as she purposely stroked her tongue over the lollipop. It flicked across the smooth surface, deliberately and slow, earning a strangled groan that Neji somehow managed to stifle in the back of his throat.

He felt surrounded by an icy blast of sensation a second before the heat began to return as never before. White-hot, growing, shimmering before his eyes as he awkwardly shifted where he sat.

The provocative witch.

“A hands-on approach to biology is best,” she tasted candy, sucked the entire thing into her tongue and moaned at the taste. “It can lead to breakthroughs in chemistry too.”

His hands clenched in the comforter. Did she pay any attention to the garbage that came out of her mouth? More importantly, did she honestly think she was slick, eating that damned lollipop like that in front of him?

“I have a question,” she mumbled.

Emerald eyes, big, wide and innocent.


He knew better than to give into their deception. He was surprised Sakura was able to get a word out given the way she was sucking the lollipop in between those lips.

Luscious. Full. Red.

“I don’t care,” his voice rumbled, trying to get a hold of himself. “If it’s not related to our studies, keep it to yourself.”

His knuckles went white around the fistful of his comforter as he watched her. As though the experience were special, as though he had never seen her eat a lollipop before—like the taste of it was all she needed to survive. That was how she ate anything sweet.

“Which subject do you think we’re collectively better at?” she swirled the tip of her tongue over the candy. “Chemistry or biology?”

He goggled, immediately picking on the underlying enquiry. He chose to play oblivious either way. No good would come from encouraging her. “I don’t think you’ve ever passed a biology test before, so I’ll go with chemistry simply because your grades are better in that subject. As a unit it wouldn’t hurt us too badly, I suppose.”

“You’re right,” She smiled softly, approvingly. “In more ways than one.”

He stared at silently for long moments.

So much meaning—so much truth—so much power was in those words.

He could feel it throbbing in the air around them. And it filled him. It was heady. And when she filled her mouth with that lollipop, that power intensified. His body tightened, his hips fought back a jerk. It was as though he wanted to be the thing thrusting inside that mouth.

Steel your mind Hyuuga, he urged himself

Do not look at her.

Do not acknowledge the fact that she isn’t wearing a bra.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could improve on biology too?” The enquiry was smooth, low, an almost sexual stroke of pleasure across his senses.

“Get rid of that damn lollipop.” He swallowed tightly. Emotion echoed thick and intense through his hoarse voice.

He cursed the day Hanabi introduced Sakura to him as her tutor. He had seen her around school a lot—they even had a couple classes together—but he had never spared her a second glance. From what he gathered all the girls in Yamanaka’s posy where superficial airheads. That was his initial opinion of Sakura until he actually got to know her—upon Hanabi’s insistence of course. Far be it from him to establish any kind of relation with a girl who was nicknamed Voldemort by the lesser girls her crew preyed on. He soon learned that the delinquent, mean girl act was simply that—an act. In private she failed to live up to all the famed reputation of her clique.

Except one perhaps.

Haruno Sakura was a temptress.

There was no doubt about it.

She truly was terrible at the Sciences though, and irony had it that she wanted to be a doctor. If she continued on the path that she was on, the only kinds of people she’d ever operate on would already be dead.

“You may have perfect grades but there are things I could teach you,” Sakura told him softly— determinedly as she wormed her way into his arms, ignoring his little growl of protest until she was straddling him, staring into his surprised gaze.

“That I doubt,” Neji stared at her, fighting to keep his expression calm. “Get off me.”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re such a prude. What do you think I’m going to do, rape you?”

He snapped his teeth together in fury at the mocking expression. “I bet you would like that.”

“Neji—” Her was voice sultry, low and husky as she raked her nails down his clothed chest. “—you would like that.”

Oh he didn’t doubt that.

She was smiling that smile again, the one that had something raging, growling low and deep. She licked her lips, spreading the taste of the lollipop over them. She wanted to tempt and tease. She was trying to shred the control Neji prided himself on.

He leaned closer, almost nose to nose, the vindictive little light in her eyes making him crazy to—fuck it out of her?

His cheeks flushed a deep, brick red. Hyuugas did not fuck. They made love and they did it legally—in a marriage.

“Sakura, please get off me,” he asked her gently and writhed awkwardly beneath her as something alien whipped through him like an impending firestorm.

She was laughing. “Oh Neji, when Ino said you were cultured I didn’t think she meant innocent.”

His pale eyes narrowed to slits.

The little witch was having the time of her damned life. The impression hit him nearly broadside. Had he ever seen her eyes twinkle like that? Seen such joy on her face? She was torturing him and loving it.

“You’re fucking crazy.”

“I thought Hyuugas didn’t swear.” She gave a mocked gasp. “You’re going to hell Neji-kun.”

Yes, he conceded. The thoughts of her that he was currently harbouring would definitely give him first class tickets to it.

She laid her mouth at the point where his shoulder and neck met. Her mouth covered the spot, her teeth raking over it, then her tongue, a second before she bit him. Not enough to draw blood, just enough that his body tightened. A male shout of satisfaction filled the room as his hips arched and grinded into the cradle of her thighs as his hands gripped her hips with bruising strength.

“A little crazy hurts no one,” she raised her head and wink. “Deal with it.”

Deal with it? If he dealt with it, they were both fucked.


“Sakura,” he warned softly.

She returned her attention to her lollipop—still straddling his lap—a moan of rising pleasure broke free of her lips. “This flavour is like sin. So good. Do you want to try it?” she held it out to him.

Neji grimaced. As familiar as they were with each other he drew the line at sucking on a ball of her saliva.

Sakura touched her candy to his lips and he squirmed. “Just a little taste,” she urged with another giggle.

It was almost cute.

Operative word; almost.

Her expression was intent, almost feral. Neji felt his heart beat quickly, his breathing becoming deep and rough as he licked his lips. He tasted the lollipop. He tasted her and it was she who tasted like sin.

Everything about her spoke of forbidden indulgences. She was truly the work of the devil.

But now he wanted to touch her like he had wanted nothing else in his life.

That thought, so shocking, so terrifying, had him forcing his hands to push her away rather than simply absorb the heat through her shirt, into his flesh.

“Get off me,” he told her silkily.

She caught his hand and held it against her. When her fingers glazed over the cool metal of his ring, Sakura’s eyes held his, binding him to her and he swore he could feel her even in his soul. “Is this what has been stopping you from acting on your feelings?”

His heart gave a hard leap—as if it wanted to jump from his chest—when she raised the said finger and drew it into the wet heat of to her mouth. She flicked her tongue along the length of it, suckled it, her teeth scraping erotically against the skin.

Neji yanked his finger away. “What are you doing?”

A tremulous laugh escaped Sakura’s throat and she stuck her tongue, revealing his purity ring. She had apparently sucked it right off his finger. Before he could protest she took it out of her mouth and tossed it across the room.

“I’m going to teach you biology,” she announced.

He opened his mouth with every intention of blasting her to hell and back like the devil that she was when Sakura’s lips covered his. There was no chance of avoid her—not that he really wanted to. No way to evade the lips that suddenly covered his. There was a second of stunned surprise, that moment when she wondered why the hell she fought him, because the feel of his lips on hers was paradise.

Damn did she know how to kiss.

The kiss sizzled Neji from his head to his toes. His hands clenched her shoulders as he fought to keep his senses from reeling, but there was no escaping the firestorm she ignited inside him.

Her small hands framed his face, pushing into his hair, holding him still as her tongue invaded his mouth with decadent hunger. It swirled around his own, tempting him, teasing him as it stroked in and out, mimicking a forbidden act.

His hands—off their own accord—slid down her back to her rear, cupping the curves there, holding her against him.

So, this was a kiss.

Until this, he had never been kissed—never kissed.

Sakura ate at his mouth, consumed him and nipped at him. She tasted of strawberry, warmth and corruption.

It was a lethal combination.

And oddly enough, with his ring gone he felt liberated, as if he could choose his own death—choose Sakura.

It was so wrong, but damn did it feel so right.

Her kisses, her touch made him ache. He ached with a need so imperative it was all he could do to keep from tearing at her clothes, throw her unto her back and take her, despite his inexperience—despite not knowing how.

He knew she wouldn’t protest—knew she would welcome any advance he made on her. He could see it in her eyes, the knowledge that she held the key to his darkest desires. She knew him as very few people did. He had given her the key to his downfall and it made him madder than hell to know it.

“The pizza is here,” Hanabi’s voice rang like warning bells in their ears as the door creaked open and the youngest Hyuuga sibling stuck her head inside the room.

Just as quickly as she had straddled his lap, Sakura was jumping to her feet and pushing Neji away. In less time than it took him, she composed herself and turned to address Hanabi.

“Great, I’m starving,” she clapped and squealed with all the innocence of a child.

That she most certainly was not, Neji silently grouched, fighting to hear the exchange above the pounding of his heart. What a close call.

“Well come on downstairs,” Hanabi suggested, surveying their flushed faces with eyes that were deep pools of suspicion and surging with an inner energy that made them both nervous. “What are you guys up to?”

“Studying,” they chorused—piped, to be more accurate—their voices cracking.

A barely there smile touched Hanabi’s lips, “Studying what exactly?”

“Chemistry—” Neji answered quickly, mentally slapping himself in the head because all of the books on the bed read biology.

“—biology,” Sakura responded in similar fashion—equally as nervy.

“Whatever you say,” Hanabi snorted knowingly and left. “Come down before it gets cold.”

Contrary to what they thought, the first thing she saw when she entered the room had not been Sakura hopping out of Neji’s lap, but rather the abandoned, little piece of silver jewelry by the foot of the bed. So, yeah, she had a pretty good idea what they were studying.

She supposed it could be considered biology. It could even be considered chemistry. It was just not educational—at least not in an academic sense. And especially not for them, Hanabi mused. She had to let Konohamaru know that the substance they stole from the restricted lab at school—Cantharides, it had been labeled—really does have aphrodisiac properties like Jiraiya-sensei said.

She had only mixed a tea-spoon of it into their coffees, but if it could rattle her hormone-less cousin this much, then herself and Konohamaru might be on to something here. She couldn’t wait to let him in on their scholarly breakthrough. Hanabi frowned worriedly. She only hoped the dosage she gave her lab rats hadn’t been enough to make them reenact any Icha Icha paradise scenes.

Well, she shrugged negligently, it wouldn’t be the first she sabotaged a sibling into breaking their abstinence vow. By tomorrow morning she would be the only untainted Hyuuga. If she couldn’t best Neji and Hinata in academics then morale was satisfactory enough.

When the door closed behind Hanabi, Sakura turned to Neji, her gaze dipping down to the bulge straining against his pants and lifted her eyebrow suggestively. “Chemistry? Is that what that is?”

Amusement and relief flared in his brilliant white eyes and quirked the edges of his lips, “It’s merely a reaction—your body is a catalyst—so why not?”

She lowered her eyes demurely before peeking back up at him through her eyelashes. “Perhaps with a little more exploration we could make it biology?”

“Perhaps,” he murmured and came to his feet, staring down at her with a sudden dark hunger.

She gave him a slow, deliberately provocative smile. “After pizza?”

A short, sharp laugh, devoid of humor, was an exclamation of primal lust as he fought to come up with an answer. He casted a wary glance at his purity ring and knew it—knew in every sense of the word possible.

That he was fucked.


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