Goku is Trash

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The Dragon Ball franchise has a special place in my heart. This was the first anime series that I saw and knew it was anime.  It was my gateway drug into the world of anime. Almost 20 years later, somehow I’m still here.  LOL

My love of Goku and Toriyama world is based on nostalgia. I’ve always had some level of respect for the legend and would go as far as he’s a character I liked. But I have never overlooked the fact that he was a deadbeat daddy.  And after watching this video, a bunch of other things we’re brought to my attention. Goku really ain’t shit.

Not only is he a terrible father and husband. A bad friend. He’s low-key earth biggest threat which is ironic because he’s always depicted as earth’s savior.  Without even realizing it, he’s kinda fulfilling his Saiyan duties of destroying Earth one battle at a time.

In Super, Goku takes his fuckery to the next level.  He tries to get Vegeta, to skip out on his fatherly duties like missing your childbirth is a-okay.  I’m not evening going to get into the assassination attempt. Then it was the whole world tournament business.  Ridiculous!

So is Goku trash or Nah?

Leave a comment below. Let’s talk about it.


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