I Remeber – Justin Torres


Justin Torres (F.K.A Jewlz)  is another artist I’ve followed for years now.  And while his pen game and beat selections has elevated as he matured, his wittiness has remained the same.  Hence why his music always feel familiar even when it’s brand new.

It’s been four years since his last project. On April 20, 2017 his latest project Rose dropped at midnight.  I Remeber being the first visual for this mixtape. So let’s get to it.

 Roses are symbolic of a lot of things. Love, loss, and growth.   It’s a symbol of adversity. And I Remeber is a song about adversity a.k.a the rose that grows from the concrete.

It’s very catchy and at the same time feels really personal.  I feel the pain- anguish and at the same time, I feel triumph. Emotions like most things aren’t just black and white, there’s a gray area. And this is the vibe that I Remeber gives me.

Earnest and compelling lyrism.  Justin revealed so much of himself, like an open book. Great accompanied instrumentation.  His delivery was very laid back but animated when it needed to me.

JT delivery in the past has been animated and in your face. At times, aggressive, so this was definitely a nice surprise.

 Then there was the video itself. The angles. The shadows and textures made the experience that much more special.  Need I say more.
 So check out the video and let me know what you think?

From more from Justin Torres


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