Skin Bars

The most confining bars are those constructed by a society to contain the mind, not the body. Metals melt, concrete crumble, wood withers, but malicious mentalities aren’t all at the mercy of a catalyst.”

 Eelavahs Jay

There was a soft thud when Mauhrie’s behind hit the ground. An ache began behind her eyes and she blinked in a effort to dispel the threat of tears as she looked up at her attacker. But it wasn’t the pain stinging her eyes that hurt. It was somewhere deep inside her chest.

“I don’t want to hold her hand, she’s so dark there’s no way that isn’t filth on her skin.”

Bijou’s vicious tirade sheered through the playground. Mauhrie felt it do so as if it were the lash of a whip flaying the flesh from her tiny body.

For a second there was a stunned rush of silence then all the other children began to laugh. She hoisted herself onto her feet but couldn’t quite bring her eyes to meet any of theirs.

For the full version:  Click here


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