Another アナザー

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Another is an anime based on a Manga and Novel written by Yukito Ayatsuji. This anime will screw with your head from beginning to end, trying to figure out why all of this is occurring. There is a lot of violence and gore which I do not recommend for the light-hearted. This is a good horror series. It will shock you when you least expect it. This story takes many turns and there are lots of plot twists that will leave you baffled.

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The story begins in 1972, but twenty-six years prior a popular student named Misaki dies tragically a quarter into the school year. Misaki was a third-year student in class 3 (Class 3-3) at Yomiyama North Middle School.  Her classmates were devastated and could not accept her death. They came up with a solution. They would carry on in class as if she were still alive, they keep her desk in the same spot and even brought it to their graduation ceremony. But when they took their class photo somehow Misaki appeared and no one could explain how.

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In spring of 1998, Kouichi Sakakibara transferred into class 3-3 and grows curious about one classmate in particular.  Mei, who wears an eyepatch and is always alone drawing. Kouichi soon discovers that there is a curse on class 3-3 that dates back in 1973 and that there are special rules in the class.

Every year one dead student surfaces in the class.  All year-long they pretend to be one of the living. No one knows who the extra student is because their memories are altered to believe that the person has been in their class all along. They call the curse “The Dead One” referring to the additional (dead) person.

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The one rule is you must ignore the existence of the extra student to avoid the curse. If they do not, then one student, faculty member, or someone in their family will die every a very gruesome death.  The curse – last’s the span of the school year and at the end, everyone’s memory is reversed as if the Extra never existed and then it begins again.

Mei Misaki nominated herself to be the non-existent student to help prevent the calamity of the class curse. Kouichi becomes curious and decides to investigate and stop the class curse.

“Can Kouichi stop the curse?” Find out by reading the graphic novel or the anime series.


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